Spirit art

After my first visit in 2011 to the Arthur Findlay College in England, where people from all over the world are trained as mediums, I knew that I too wanted to develop myself as a medium. My surprise was great when the following year I discovered that I was making recognizable drawings of deceased people during a course at the AFC organized by Alan Stuttle.  With Lynn Cottrell and other tutors at the AFC in the following years and in training sessions with Anneke Klaassens in Zeewolde, I began to concentrate more and more on drawing spiritual portraits. For a number of years now I have been working together with Anneke. During demonstrations I draw the person and she provides the evidence identifying the person in spirit. These drawings are not just something extra, they are tangible proof that the deceased loved ones are really present.

A few years ago I began to do drawings of spirit guides. For me a  completely unexpected development, especially since to me it seemed an impossible thing to do. How could I pretend to come with evidence that could not be verified? However, I wanted to see my own spirit guide so decided to do a drawing, that  is what I do after all. I do not see the people in spirit, I draw them when they want to show themselves. Reactions to the portrait from fellow mediums with whom I practice weekly, led to more drawings for some of them, with unexpected and extraordinary results. This gave the impetus to continue. Often the guide is an Angel, sometimes a spirit guide shows himself or herself as they lived in another life, sometimes from centuries ago, sometimes only decades back. Those lives then contain elements that are recognizable to the recipient of the drawing, often  because they are similar to what is going on in his or her life. The drawings come with a text explaining symbols and colours. The text is personal, encouraging, always with a message of love and encouragement.